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Challenges in Manufacturing Costing

Wastage of man-hours (or time) in

  • Creating cost sheets for estimation
  • Connecting with stakeholders to acquire costing data
  • Collecting and converting vendor costing sheet in your format
  • Price amendment of 100s of parts one by one

Loss of cash due to

  • Negotiations based on gutted records
  • Neglecting the threshold limit crossing of the critical cost drivers
  • Allocating the supplier’s share of business based on relationship
  • Inflation, unaccounted impact and inaccuracy of part's cost

Gain Competitiveness and profitability with costing accuracy

ROI Delivered

100% Costing data
at one place
100% Controlled procurement
and price revision
10 minutes for inflation impact analysis of up to 5,000 parts
30% increase in operational efficiency
25% Increase in
employee productivity

Explore Cost it right

Cost it right is a Manufacturing Costing and Control Solution that automates and controls Automotive OEMs, Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers’ costing.

It is designed to meet the operational needs of material costing and strategic sourcing, bringing meaningful change in the complete ecosystem. Cost it right helps you achieve real-time cost data analysis for real-time fact-based decision-making.

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    Cost Estimation
  • explore-list-icon
    Raw Material Price
    Inflation Impact Analysis
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    Suppliers’ Share of
    Business (SOB) Analysis
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    Cost Drivers
    Management & Analysis
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    Integrated Workflow
    for Approvals
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    Cost Reduction
    Opportunity Analysis
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    Dashboard and
  • explore-list-icon
    Vendor Portal for RFQ,
    Negotiation and Ordering

Enhance costing process capabilities with

  • Costing intelligence
  • Real-time purchase price analysis
  • Product cost control
  • Cost driver simulation
  • Quick approval workflows
  • Cost trend analysis
  • Supplier RFQ portal
  • Material costing and strategic sourcing

Minimise identified risks
of manual processes from

  • Errors in BOM level cost sheet development
  • Unorganized costing data
  • Inconsistency in costing sheets
  • MS Excel dependency
  • Complex comparison of price quotation
  • System incapability of generating bulk purchase orders
  • Inaccuracy in reports and insights
  • Arbitrary supplier negotiation

See How You Can Improve Costing Operations Efficiency

Explore how Cost it right can reduce cost estimation risks and bring control over manufacturing cost. Schedule a demo to see the benefits

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