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Cost It Right is your comprehensive platform for precision cost management, empowering enterprises to optimize financial strategies, streamline operations, and drive profitability. With robust features designed to integrate with your existing systems and processes, Cost It Right revolutionizes how businesses approach cost analysis, reporting, and decision-making.

Key Features

Cost Analysis and Management

Detailed MHR Calculations
Advanced Budgeting Tools
Efficient Multi-Currency Management
Versatile Costing Management
Comparative Cost Analysis
Cascading Effect Options for Amendments

Vendor Management and RFQ

Advanced Vendor RFQ Portal
Efficient Vendor Quotation Management
Historical RFQ Data Analysis
System-Driven Negotiation Mechanisms

Reporting and

Comprehensive Reporting Suite
Material and Commodity Price Indexing
In-depth Cost Breakdown Analysis
Advanced Predictive What-If Analysis
Real-Time Data Analytics

Integration and Data Access

Seamless System Integration
Advanced-Data Access and Reporting
API-Driven Backend Architecture

Access Control and Permissions

Enhanced Access Control
Customizable Roles and Permissions

Master Data

Comprehensive Master Management
Centralized Data Repository

Approval Workflows and Control

Streamlined Approval Workflows
Structured Price Change Approvals
Configurable Multi-Level Approvals
Efficient PO Approval Process
Comprehensive Compliance and Audit Trails
Proactive Notification and Alert System

Encrypted Communications and Controlled Access

Our unwavering commitment to safeguarding your valuable data extends beyond mere promises. Through state-of-the-art encrypted communications and stringent access control measures, we not only ensure the confidentiality and integrity of your information but also prioritize its availability when you need it most.

Kapil Keswani
Director Sales & Client Relations


Optimized Cost Control

Achieve granular control over costs with customizable permissions and efficient multi-currency management.

Streamlined Operations

Improve workflows with structured approval processes and efficient vendor quotation management.

Informed Decision-Making

Drive informed decisions with comprehensive reporting, detailed impact analysis, and predictive what-if analysis.

Real-Time Insights

Stay ahead with real-time data analytics and proactive notification systems.

Enhanced Compliance

Ensure compliance with configurable multi-level approvals and comprehensive audit trails.