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Founder & Managing Director
  • Experience:30+ Years

Personal Experience

Sunil founded Softude(Parent company of Cost It Right) in 2005 with the clear goal of helping businesses achieve scale through technology solutions. Sunil is a serial entrepreneur and an IT Veteran with 30 years of business experience. He has a sharp edge in identifying profit leaks in businesses and fixing them with technological solutions. He directly interacts with some 80 big brands on their digital transformation roadmap.
Sunil strongly believes that a happy and peaceful mind delivers great results. His belief has helped Systematix become a family of 250+ dedicated and talented tech resources who passionately work towards delivering delightful experiences to their customers. Sunil’s life journey demonstrates that where there is a will there is a way. A 15-year-old repairing flat tires on the road to building an empire of several international offices and development centers across the globe and running a profitable business for over a decade is a live example of passion for entrepreneurship, astute business acumen and command on subject knowledge.
Sunil is passionate about the wellbeing of all and shares his experience and learnings in the fields of Stress Management, Motivation, and Mentoring Start-ups.

Best Recognitions Awards

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